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Deux Fleches Dual Effect Cream

Throughout the day, DeuxFleches Cellular Firming Anti-Aging Day and Night Care Cream nourish skin with natural active ingredients and rich moisturizers without oiling the skin. This allows you to retain your skin`s freshness and vitality for a long time. The UVA and UVB protection system formed on the skin helps prevent premature aging and wear signs due to harmful effects of sun. It helps prevent premature wrinkling of the skin by inhibiting the formation of free radicals through its rich active ingredients. It also strengthens the skin`s natural defense against wounds due to sun rays in the epidermal and dermal regions by means of bifidobacterisylates in its content. With its high moisturizing capacity, it hydrates and moisturizes your skin during the night.
Usage: Please apply intensive care cream on a clean skin making circular moves by massaging.

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